Ranks of Royalty Edit


An emperor is a monarch, the severeign rules of the imperial realm, the realm of eternity. The Empress, the female equivalent, may indicate the emperor's wise (empress consort) or a woman who rulesin her own right (empress regnant). Emperors are recognized to be of a higher honor and rank than even the kings and queens.


A king or queen is in charge of one of the continents, and has near severeign rule of it. It is well known that the kings/queens often join the emperor to meet and discuss the matters of importance of a short period of time.


The title of Archduke (feminine: Archduchess) denotes a noble rank above Duke, used primarily by the princes of the houses of royalty and by the main assistances of the kings and queens.


The duke is a member of the nobility, and the highest rank below the monarch (excluding the few archdukes/archduchesses that are direct assistances to the kings/queens). They are known to assist he King/Queen and their Archdukes and Archduchesse.

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