"In the darkness I will find peace." ~The Dark Priestess

The Dark Priestess is known to be a draenei, shrouded in mystery. Little is known about her true identity, some say she is a draenei while others are quite sure she is nothing but a spirit. It is known that she has been part of the realm since it was created. Some suggest she's simply an image created by the founder of the realm, Zephiel, so he wouldn't be alone for months. Those that saw her personally at Zephiel's side notice that she always has a dark aura around her. She certainly is a big and important part of the realm, as she is with Zelgius quite often. But if she's a spirit, an illusion, a dreanei, or something overall more powerful, no one but Zephiel so far found out.

The Dark Priestess Edit

{To be continued}